Sperax play update

After two updates to the mining app. I am able to open the home screen finally but now my log in credentials are invalid. Forgot password doesnt recognize my email either.
I fear that if i select “sign up” as if im a new user i will lose all if my mining progress.
Please advise.
Thank you.


I’m having the same issue I had to delete the app and re-download it to get it to work well now it’s not sending me the otp To verify my phone number I’m not getting any text message to get the six digit code and I’ve been mining on there for a while I don’t want to lose everything! Please help


It seems the issue, at least for me has been resolved. I was able to log in, i got thr email to verify, the link was valid. I added an existing wallet using the pass phrase and now i was able to get back into sperax play and resume mining.
Thank you sperax for fixing this.

Side note to sperax, communication needs to greatly improve. I know, speaking for myself, i would have been much more patient and understanding if someone would have said something or replied to somone or posted here.
I think most would have been understanding if someone said something.

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I am also facing this otp problem but when I put my phone numbet instead of my email I get password is incorrect .

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i have had the same problem- except now i cannot even include my gmail or live account to create a new account as it keeps saying invalid verification.

Same here oo pls what shoulde I do too, after updated my application now I can’t log in anymore, i put my email address and is say it not registered, pls what should I do