Survey Results XP x SPA

In response to Alec Shaw’s suggestion, in the telegram community, we started discussing the conversion of XP points.


I personally raised the conversion of 1 XP = 1 SPA.

In response one “Holder” said 1000 XP = 1 SPA

Then another “Miner” proposed 2 XP = 1 SPA.

Therefore I decided to create this poll from those two radical extremes.

The general trend of the percentages has remained constant since day one.

Telegram survey

It should be noted that it is not the intention of the “Miners” to harm the Sperax project; the general attitude of the group is more conciliatory.

The position of the “Holders” group (14 %), however, has been more extreme, with an absolute underestimation, towards the mining of the XP points and their subsequent conversion.

Considering the concern of the “Holders”, facing a loss of value of the SPA, due to an eventual massive sale, together with the “empire” user, we proposed the Staking option.

For this reason I developed this second survey, proposing a Mandatory Staking that could consider the different needs and interests.

The APY values are only indicative.

Mandatory Staking Survey

Basically the intention was to see the predisposition of the Miners to a Mandatory Staking and to see how their blockades were distributed in the medium and long term.

As can be seen, the distribution is quite balanced and could certainly be improved.

It also demonstrates the willingness of the Miners to commit to the Sperax project in the medium and long term.

It should be noted that there were no objections to the Mandatory Staking proposal.

Finally, I would like to clarify that it was also difficult to determine a conversion, since we do not know the total amount of Xp points distributed to date.


This proposal reflects the majority voice of the community and their predisposition to commit to the project, from the free disposal of their funds, in the context of a Partial Staking of their SPAs.

However, it is not our intention to impose a specific value.

Instead, we ask the Sperax Team to inform us about the minimum and maximum margins that we could consider and the implications that each case would have.

Only in this way, the community will be able to make a realistic and conscious choice of the Xp conversion.

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2Xp=1SPA is the best conversion ratio According to me

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Gracias por dejar tu opinión!