What conversion ratio of XP points seems fair to you? And what to do after conversion?

Hi all, i think that all users of sperax play app want to know the answer of this question. So i’ve copied the same question added some days ago in the telegram group and now anyone can vote.

  1. 1 XP = 2 SPA
  2. 1 XP = 1 SPA
  3. 3 XP = 1 SPA
  4. 5 XP = 1 SPA
  5. 10 XP = 1 SPA
  6. 20 XP = 1 SPA
  7. 35 XP = 1 SPA
  8. 50 XP = 1 SPA
  9. 100 XP = 1 SPA
  10. 1000 XP = 1 SPA

Also, after conversion, probably most of users wold like to maintain token value and avoid a dump, so vote also for one of these proposal:

A) all SPA converted immediately disposable for users in their wallet.
B) all SPA converted be staked with possibility to unstake 5% or 10% monthly.

Please vote for both question answering 1/10 and A/B. Also if you have other ideas, let’s write them. It’s time the community make its proposal.

Votation end on 31/10/2021 00:00


This is my vote: 2) and B).


For me is 6 B.
Now write something with nonsense 'cause post lenght have to be at least 20 digit…

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I think for longer term miners / holders options 1 and B @ 5%. For continuous mining then options 6 and B @ 10%.

As for me I will go with number 6

#10 & B, because I think it makes more sense that XP to be used as more of a loyalty, or rewards points type utility to be redeemed in the future Sperax Play Marketplace for goods and services versus being redeemed X:X for SPA.

  1. 5 xp = 1 spa.

A. All converted Xp to SPA should be credited to respective individuals wallet

B. All SPA be compulsorily staked and 5% monthly withdrawal

Mi voto es 1 y A y Staking parcial con la posibilidad de elegir la cantidad que cada uno quiere bloquear.

2 & B
That is my answer

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My vote 1 XP - 1 Spa


For me, i will vote for 4 an B.


After so long term mining, 2 & B is my answer.

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Phiếu bầu của tôi là 4 & B

I choose 1 and B (all SPA converted be staked with possibility to unstake 5% or 10% monthly.)

Think 8/B is the just balanced compromised.

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9 & B for long term mining I believe this is good.

To avoid a big dump of the coin, I think B should be the best option

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10 xp= 1 SPA

Voting for A
Voting for B

Hello everyone!

I’m a new member and really like the vision this project offers. Not an expert on the topic but like what this project is about and the strategy in place.

My vote would be for option 2 & B and if I may suggest the possibility to add an option when it becomes possible to gain a set interest on SPA (that maybe pays out weekly) for committing to stake SPA for a prolonged period of time (1 month, 3 months, 6 months etc.) and the longer you commit to staking the higher the % gained.