What other eligible collaterals should be included in USDs minting?

Hello Everyone, My name is Susu, Partner of Economic Research at Sperax.

We would like to gather some opinions from the community regarding USDs.

To be more specific:
USDs minting means creating new USDs in the Sperax protocol. Users need to lock SPA tokens and collaterals to create USDs. The ratio between SPAs and collaterals is dynamically adjusted by a variable “X”. Collaterals are necessary for stabilizing the system and smoothing out volatility. So it is crucial to select eligible collaterals that are widely adopted, relatively stable, or have enough liquidity. The current eligible collaterals for USDs at launch are ETH, WBTC, UST, USDC, and USDT. We are ready to add more in the future.

Please leave your comments under the thread, we appreciate your input.


Hello Susu I think dogecoin,TRX and BNB would be a worthy add on as Collateral, because you can now already mine/stake them
I am beginner at your forum but look forward to be a regular visitor and investor, what are the investmentspackages you have and what are the minimum amount and what will the profit be daily/monthly/yearly

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Hello Susu,
due the recently news about bitcoin, i think we are to be very careful with collateral like usdc and usdt. Their stability have to be tested day by day. Dollars are in a very border line position due US mint it every day. And usdt have a great liquidity of tokens, but (reading news) still perist the doubt their usd collateral are not 1:1…
I’m not a gold fan, but actually gold could have stability you search. I really dont know how use it as collateral…

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I see 1inch is good for collateral too
1inch is A distributed network for decentralized protocols on #Ethereum, #BSC and #Polygon enabling the most lucrative, fastest and protected operations in #DeFi.


The current eligible collaterals is okay.
If you think about adding more, add BNB.