About the Community Contribution program

The Sperax Community Contribution is a program that encourages community members contributing to the growth of the Sperax ecosystem by creating content, developing community, building the product.

The program is designed to help the particiants to sustain their work, and to make it easier for them to reach a wider audience. The participants are compensated with Sperax governance token SPA as per rules within each grants category.

The program is open to all community members, regardless of their experience or skill level.


  • Content - articles, visuals, video
  • Marketing - engagement campaigns, developing communities
  • Product - front end, analytics
  • Other (propose what fits your work the best).

The work will be awarded on a rolling basis, and the indivudual amounts will be determined by the impact of a participant’s work on a competitive base withint defined rules and SPA budgets.

If you are interested in taking part, please check open programs available and submit your application.

Hello, I have a proposal in the field of marketing.
To create the Persian community, social media - project promotion - creating articles - content about the project with work experience in many projects. Is it supported?
And should I create a proposal in this context and more explanations to start? Thanks.