SIP-12: Increase USDC Allocation to Stargate

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Voting is live 9/15/22 at 9:38AM ET to 9/18/22 at 9:38AM ET.

Author(s): Sperax Team
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Created: 9/12/22
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Simple Summary

As multi-strategy collateral deployment capabilities are being built out, the majority of USDC sits idle in VaultCore, which can be deployed to generate yield. An increase from 50% to 80% USDC allocation in stargate will increase protocol revenue until the upgrades are finished and tested.

This revenue will fund a higher Auto-yield rate and greater SPA buybacks and burns.


The last Auto-Yield distribution was just over 4%. As USDs adoption grows, ideally this rate is closer to the max rate of 11%. Increasing USDC allocated to yield generating strategies from 50% to 80% will allow the protocol to generate revenue in the short term while the necessary upgrades are coded and tested to allow for one collateral type to be deployed into two different yield strategies.

In the meantime, Sperax community and team can start promoting the opportunity to gain gas-free yield by minting USDs with FRAX, DAI and VST. This will reduce the protocol’s reliance on USDC / Stargate for yield generation.


Increase Auto-Yield and Staking APR during upgrade process.


Community members may have noticed the lower Auto-yield rate and Staking Yield of ~4% and ~51% respectively. This was rooted in the fact that 50% of all collateral is sitting in the VaultCore. The stablecoin collateral in VaultCore is redeemable, but does not earn yield.

At the time of writing this, community members have deposited $4.975M worth of stablecoins to mint USDs:

  • 3,747,000 USDC
  • 25,112 DAI
  • 705,000 FRAX
  • 498,198 VST

Of the nearly $5M stablecoins, 2.7M are sitting idle inside VaultCore. This was the root cause of the lower Auto-Yield APR and lower staking yield this past week.

Technical Specification

Getting to 80%: To achieve the 80% ratio of USDC deployed in Stargate vs in VaultCore, USDC will be sent from VaultCore to the USDC Strategy Contract right after this proposal passes.

Staying around 80%: This ratio will be rebalanced to 80% weekly depending on minting and redeeming of USDs using USDC.

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I think this proposal makes sense. Its good to have the collateral generating yield to support Auto-Yield and SPA buybacks/burn. Getting more diverse strategies for USDC can be a natural next step.