veSPA rage quit option

Since the implementation of the staked SPA (veSPA), staking mechanism went through a lot of changes throughout the last year: first, streamlined rewards and then gauges which weren’t really successful. Team decided to go back to the previous form of veSPA as it is for now.

Considering that a lot has changed to the way veSPA works, which in my opinion should have been unchangeable in the first place, I propose enabling a “rage quit” option for veSPA stakers.

Locked vote escrow mechanisms are powerful because they should be unchangeable at the moment of locking, this way gives people better conviction to be aligned with the protocol for a long time.

Therefore, I propose to create a window of opportunity for the people who would like to exit their veSPA positions.

Enable option to quit locked veSPA in short period of time, or in a vested manner.

This way, project would start anew with a new updates and new USDs. 2.0. enabling people who aren’t convinced anymore because of the changes ,to unlock their veSPA.

It is one thing to be convinced into locking tokens with a known set of rules, but it is another thing when the rules change and you cannot do much about it.

I dont know yet how would it be possible to do it in a fair way yet, therefore any suggestions would be welcome.

I would like to mention that decrease in interactions with community is one of the arguments for the enabling of rage quit option for people who have seen how the project have changed in the last years.

New year, new resolutions.

All the best.


I personally support this idea. Since I left Sperax there have been multiple changes with very little communication. As one of the core members behind USDs development/ fundraising and one of the very first team members to join Sperax I want to express my utter disappointment. The majority of the original members have left. The current team doesn’t communicate and is no longer transparent. Your proposal has my support.

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Hey @unicron, we can discuss this further and collect opinions from the community members. If in case, the option of early unlocking of veSPA becomes available, a lot of things/details/specifications have to be finalized first.
On the point of decreased interaction, we have been running a content grant program since August 2023. Through this, we have been engaging with the community members/content creators to develop content, increase awareness, increase adoption, and regularly interact with the community.
With this, we have published over 200+ pieces of interactive content. The content program has always been aligned with the development of the ecosystem e.g. the last cycle was about security as the USDs V2 was going through the security audit. We have actively participated in the betterment of content and ensuring that each piece is up to date and provides accurate information.
We will shortly be publishing our Roadmap 2024 which includes a lot of interesting things. Also, we will have regular monthly AMAs from January onwards.

@Nicolas We sincerely thank you for your valued contribution to the Sperax project. All protocol decisions are discussed over the forum and voted on at Snapshot. Every decision is finalized by the veSPA holders. Every community member/Team member/ex-team member can present their opinion on the forum/snapshot(through votes) and participate in the decision-making steps. You are more than welcome to advise us on any discussions and decisions.