Proposals discussed on Forum

In accordance to Sperax Governance Process, after the end of Active Discussion of a proposal it gets one of the categories assigned:

Snapshot voting

the proposal is being voted on Sperax Snapshot and gets the status of Sperax Improvement Plan (SIP).

Approved SIPs

the proposal is approved by veSPA holders on Snapshot with more than 50% votes “For” and a minimal quorum of 200M veSPA voted.

Defeated SIPs

the proposal that was not approved on Snapshot or didn’t collect the required quorum of 200M veSPA voted.

Closed SIPs

the proposal that have passed Forum discussion but did not go for the Snapshot voting for any reason, e.g. if after the Forum dicussion the proposal must be reviewed or updated.
Once it is done, the proposal can be posted for Snapshot voting and its category will change to “Snapshot voting” and then to “Approved SIPs” or “Defeated SIPs”