Sperax Improvement Proposal Template

All Sperax proposals must adhere to the template provided below.

For convenience, we have also pasted the template here:

Sperax Governance Template

Title: [What is the name of your proposal?]

Author(s): [enter name/username/handles of author(s)]

Reference: [paste link of discussion here]

Created: [enter date]

Labels: [ex: #Governance, #LiquidityMining, #YieldStrategy, etc.]

Simple Summary

Describe the potential outcome of the proposal. This summary should be high-level, comprehensive and easily digestible for community members.


Short description of the proposal. The abstract should be as descriptive and detailed as possible. Should be no more than ~200-300 words.


The motivation should serve as the problem statement. Why should this proposal be considered and implemented? Why is this change needed?


Serves as a high-level exposition of how the SIP will solve the stated problem [described in Motivation]. Make sure to include (1) tradeoffs, (2) considerations made when ideating this proposal, (3) alternate designs. Provide evidence.

Technical Specification

Outline the logic for the API of the proposal. Are there any needed/necessary changes to the Sperax interface? If so, what and why? Is this change upgradeable?



What does voting in favor of this proposal entail?


What does voting contra this proposal entail?