SIP-42 Add arUSD-USDs farm to the SPA Gauge

Author: Arable Protocol core team

Created: April, 11, 2023
Labels: #Liquidity-mining

Simple Summary

Arable Protocol offers to add the Demeter farm arUSD-USDs to the SPA Gauge.


Adding arUSD-USDs to the SPA Gauge will support the liquidity mining of arUSD, increase Sperax TVL, and reward SPA stakers.


Arable Protocol has created arUSD-USDs farm on Demeter which has already launched on 04/10/2023 with ACRE rewards and is looking to add SPA rewards from the gauge to go along with the ACRE rewards.

We plan to support SPA stakers with ACRE bribes and thus propose to add the farm to the Gauge to foster arUSD liquidity, increase Sperax TVL, and drive revenue to Sperax USD protocol and SPA stakers.

An added benefit to this pool is that since the arUSD-USDs farm is a stable farm, the impermanent loss risk for Liquidity Providers will be minimal.

arUSD will be mainly used for leveraged trading and farming on the Arbitrum network and USDs will be used as an intermediary asset and this will increase trading volume of USDs.

Technical Specification
Add to the Gauge the farm arUSD-USDs launched on Demeter.


Add arUSD-USDs farm to the Gauge

Don’t add the farm to the Gauge

  • For
  • Against

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For the proposal. Should have included a poll.

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So far there are only two stable farms on Demeter. With this proposal risk averse liquidity providers will get more options to farm with low impermanent loss risk.

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