SIP-46: Add SPA/USDs and USDs/USDC Camelot farms to be launched by Demeter to the SPA gauge and reallocate the bribes

Author: Sperax DAO Core Team
Reference: Gauge docs, Sperax app gauge page; Camelot exchange
Created: May 4, 2023
Labels: #Liquidity-mining

Simple summary

Two key Sperax liquidity pools on Arbitrum - SPA/USDs and USDs/USDC- will be launched on Camelot. The Sperax team offers to connect them to the Sperax Gauge and reallocate bribes across the pools.


After the successful integration of the Sperax Demeter Gauge and Bribes with UniswapV3, the Sperax DAO will launch two key liquidity pools on Camelot - SPA-USDs and USDC-USDs. To be eligible for a Chainlink oracle Sperax protocol needs to create deep liquidity for SPA across at least 3 DEXs. Being built on top of the Camelot mechanism, Sperax Demeter farms will prioritize long-term liquidity mining over mercenary capital. The total value locked in these two farms will be meaningful for overall Sperax TVL, driving revenue to Sperax USD protocol and SPA stakers.

Technical Specification

  • Add SPA/USDs and USDs/USDC farms to the SPA Gauge on Camelot
  • Add bribes to the farms from the current Bribe budget



Add SPA/USDs and USDs/USDC Camelot farms (when they launch) to the SPA Gauge and add bribes.


Don’t add the farms to the Gauge

  • For
  • Against

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