SIP-60: Umami DAO Uniswap USDs liquidity incentive partnership


Author(s): Umami DAO core contributors

Created: 2/15/24

Umami DAO proposes launching a UMAMI-USDs farm on Uniswap v3 through Demeter allocating a portion of emissions to the pools. Additionally, there’s an extra 5% xSPA reward available to farmers on top of the standard emission rate.

To enhance UMAMI token liquidity for traders, an incentive mechanism is essential. Incentivizing the UMAMI-USDs pool with SPA rewards will attract depositors to provide liquidity. Leveraging Uniswap’s routing capabilities, this liquidity pool will significantly improve the trading experience for users.

The community has expressed a need for increased UMAMI token liquidity. This initiative allows the treasury to support liquidity enhancement without being the sole support source, fostering a healthier ecosystem for Umami and its treasury. It ensures the token’s price stability without over-reliance on the treasury.

Technical Specifications
Umami will initiate a UMAMI-USDs pool on Uniswap, with the treasury contributing 10,000 USDs and 10,000 UMAMI within a specified trading range. The Umami team will oversee the LP’s progress and adjust liquidity as needed.


Yes: Start emissions for a Uniswap UMAMI-USDs liquidity pool.

No: Reject the proposal

  • Yes
  • No
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