SIP-24: Rage x Sperax Demeter Pool

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Voting will be live from 12/14/22 - 12/17/22

Title: SIP-24: Rage Trade x Sperax Demeter

Author(s): Rage Trade Team

Created: November 29th, 2022

Labels: #LiquidityMining

Simple Summary

Rage Trade is building the most liquid ETH Perp and the highest yielding stablecoin farm on Arbitrum, with one of the key innovations being the use of LP tokens from external protocols into Rage.

This month, Rage plans to launch their delta neutral GMX vaults to create one of the largest stablecoin farms on Arbitrum by making GLP delta neutral and USDC denominated.

In efforts to increase utility for stakers, and to allow stakers to optimize their returns by implementing leverage options, Rage Trade has been partnering with like-minded protocols. In launching a Sperax Demeter pool, Rage plans to incentivize liquidity by providing RAGE tokens. In efforts of scaling this pool, Rage requests Sperax to match reward contributions 1:1, according to dollar value during Demeter Genesis.


Rage Trade is looking to launch a RAGE/USDs Demeter Farm.


Rage Trade is seeking more avenues for stakers to leverage their yield such as minting stablecoins against their LP positions. By launching a RAGE/Demeter farm, Rage will be able to deepen liquidity.


The RAGE/USDs Demeter farm will initially be incentivized with $10,000 worth of RAGE/month. Rage Trade seeks 1:1 matching in SPA.

Technical Specification


Incentives: RAGE = $10,000 worth of RAGE/month

SPA match: 1:1 SPA match in dollar terms from the bootstrap liquidity budget. To be rebalanced in dollar value on a 7 day TWAP every 2 weeks.

Duration: Match guaranteed for balance of 90 days from Demeter launch unless altered via governance proposal.

Farm Launch Date: TBD (Depends when the RAGE token will be live)

Risk Management: If the RAGE / USDs farm goes out of price range SPA emissions will be halted until the farm is relaunched or it goes back in range.


Yes: Approve launch of RAGE/USDs Farm

No: Reject launch of RAGE/USDs Farm

  • Yes
  • No

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Love it. I think this will attract some really nice TVL based on the incentives.