Add L2DAO-USDs farm to the SPA Gauge

Author: Layer2DAO protocol core team
Created: April 24, 2023
Labels: #Liquidity-mining

Simple Summary

Layer2DAO offers to add the Demeter farm L2DAO-USDs (Camelot) to the SPA Gauge.


Adding L2DAO-USDs to the SPA Gauge will support the liquidity mining of L2DAO, provide utility for USDs, increase Sperax TVL, and reward SPA stakers.


Layer2DAO is creating a L2DAO-USDs farm on Demeter which will be launched soon.
We plan to support SPA stakers with L2DAO bribes and thus propose to add the farm to the Gauge to foster L2DAO liquidity, increase Sperax TVL, and drive revenue to Sperax USD protocol and SPA stakers.

Technical Specification

Add to the Gauge the farm L2DAO-USDs launched on Demeter


Add L2DAO-USDs farm to the Gauge

Don’t add the farm to the Gauge

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I fully support this.

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