SIP-54: Launch and add USDC-USDs farm to the SPA Gauge, reallocate bribes

Author: Sperax Core Team
Reference: Sperax docs
Created: September 21, 2023
Labels: Liquidity-Mining


The Sperax Core team proposes

  • To launch a new Demeter farm that is USDC/USDs UniswapV3
  • Add USDC/USDs farm to Gauge
  • Reallocate bribes between all USDC and USDC.e farms.


We have observed a good demand for LP opportunities with USDC along with USDC.e on Arbitrum. Hence, we plan to launch a new Demeter farm i.e. UDSC/USDs UniswapV3. We propose to add this farm to the SPA Gauge.

Bribe Reallocation

Currently, both the USDC.e/USDs farms on Camelot and Uniswap are bribed with 54792.85 SPA tokens each per week. We propose to split the bribe amount i.e. 109585.7 SPA tokens, equally among USDC/USDs UniswapV3, USDC.e/USDs UniswapV3 and USDC.e/USDs CamelotV2.


  1. New farm launch and gauge additions of USDC/USDs UniswapV3.
  2. Reallocation of bribes to equally split it between all the USDC Gauges. Each of USDC/USDs UniswapV3, USDC.e/USDs UniswapV3 and USDC.e/USDs CamelotV2 will be bribed with 36528.56 SPA token every week.
  • For: Launch the farm
  • Against: Don’t launch the farm
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Yes! Native USDC is the way.

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