SIP-40: Allocate bribes to ARB-USDs and WETH-USDs farms

Author: Core team
Reference: Gauge, ARB-USDs farm, WETH-USDs farm
Created: April 8th, 2023
Labels: Liquidity Mining

Simple Summary / Abstract

Allocate 20% of SPA bribes budget for bribing SPA stakers voting for ARB-USDs (10%) and WETH-USDs (10%) Demeter farms.

Motivation / Overview

Bribes provided by the protocols owning farms on Demeter encourage SPA stakers (veSPA holders, liquidity directors) to vote for their farms. However, two important farms - WETH and ARB that were launched by Sperax DAO remain unbribed.

This makes liquidity mining of USDs in pairs with key Arbitrum ecosystem tokens WETH and ARB relatively less attractive in comparison to pairs with the tokens of individual protocols.

Thus, we propose to allocate 10% of SPA rewards budget for bribing ARB-USDs farm and 10% for bribing WETH-USDs farm, and proportionally decreasing the SPA reward budget allocated to other farms.

As for the WETH-USDs farm - given ETH appreciation, we offer to launch a new farm with improved broader price range that would optimize the farm efficiency.

Technical Specification

  • Allocate 10% weekly of SPA bribes budget for bribing the veSPA holders voting for ARB-USDs farm
  • Allocate 10% of weekly SPA bribes budget for bribing the veSPA holders voting for WETH-USDs farm with improved price range
  • Proportionally decrease SPA bribes allocated to other farms



Bribe SPA stakers (veSPA holders, liquidity directors) for voting in favor of ARB-USDs and WETH-USDs farms in the amounts of 20% (10% for each farm) of total SPA bribes budget reallocated proportionally from other farms.


Don’t bribe the voting for the ARB-USDs and WETH-USDs farms.

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A large amount of emissions leads to the continuous reduction of spa prices, which needs to be matched with a large amount of combustion, so I object

Bribes to WETH and ARB farms are re-allocated from other farms - so this does not increase SPA emissions.

I know, what I want to say is that using a lot of emissions in exchange for tvl growth is not sustainable,

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