Sperax Meme Contest

Memes are a cornerstone of the crypto universe, and now you have a chance to win by creating your own meme!

Sperax is hosting a meme contest with a prize pool of 100,000 SPA in the form of veSPA (100 000 SPA with a 1-year time lock).

While the Contest rewards are locked up for one year, the winners will be able to get both SPA staking rewards and bribes from other protocols on SPA Gauge.

We hope you will have a lot of fun!
The winners will be announced in the first week of July 2023.

Here are some tips for creating a good meme:

  • Be creative. Don’t just copy and paste other memes - come up with your ideas and put your own spin on things.
  • Be funny. Memes are all about making people laugh. If your meme doesn’t make people laugh, it won’t win.
  • Be original. Don’t just rehash old memes. Come up with new ideas and concepts.

We can’t wait to see your memes! Good luck, SPArtans!


The Contest starts June, 11th and ends on June, 30. Voting for memes starts on July 1st and ends on July 56th (EDT time zone).

1. Follow @SperaxUSD on Twitter and be a member of the Sperax Discord

2. Make a meme. Think of:

  • Brand-new memes and adaptations of classic evergreen memes;
  • Memes that feature Sperry the Spartan (Sperax mascot), Pepe, or any other memes heroes;
  • Memes that feature specific elements of the Sperax Ecosystem (USDs and SPA tokens, staking, Demeter, Gauge, Bribes, etc)
  • Funny text
  • Original! No low-quality cheap efforts!

You can find the Sperax brand kit here.
Our renowned Sperry the Spartan lives here.

3. Submission and discussion:

a) Create your meme.

b) Tweet your meme on your Twitter account - tagging @SperaxUSD and using hashtag #Sperax_MemeContest

c) Post the link to your tweet with the meme on the #😂memes Discord channel.

Please keep the memes channel clean!

Discussion of the memes can be done in the #General-discussion Disord channel.

4. Voting

Voting will start on June, 29th, which will be done by you, our community. Voting lasts for 7 days and then we will announce the winners. The voting system will be announced on the day of voting start.

5. Other rules:

  • No links/NSFW/politics/religion memes. Let’s keep it civil.
  • Participants can submit multiple memes (up to a maximum of three) but have only one chance to win the prize. The memes must be posted on Twitter and Discord before the deadline.
  • The rewards will be sent to the winners’ Arbitrum addresses requested via DMs from the Twitter account @SperaxUSD.
  • If a winner’s Twitter account is not accessible or if a winner does not provide their Arbitrum address in DM to @SperaxUSD within 7 days - this winner loses their reward and the prize will be sent to the author of another meme as per the Sperax team decision. So don’t change your Twitter handle!
  • The memes created by the Contest participants are free for possible modification and unlimited redistribution by any person. Participants are responsible for no infringement of any copyright. Sperax will not be responsible for any copyright infringement.
  • Unnecessary spam or bot usage will lead to a block/ban/disqualification.


The total rewards budget is 100 000 SPA in the form of veSPA (100 000 SPA with a 1-year time lock) on the Arbitrum network.

First prize - 50 000 SPA
Second Prize - 30 000 SPA
Third prize - 20 000 SPA

Instead of internal voting on Discord. I propose we make the voting decision based on whichever post gets the most RTs. @SumWin