Add LODE-USDs farm to the SPA Gauge

Author: Waffle - Lodestar Finance
Created: April 26, 2023
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Lodestar Finance is an algorithmic borrowing and lending protocol that is aiming to bring the critical DeFi primitive of decentralized money markets to Arbitrum communities.

Launched on April 8th on Arbitrum mainnet, Lodestar Finance enables lending and borrowing markets for bluechip assets and stables, supporting at launch DPX, MAGIC and plvGLP: Lodestar Finance - DefiLlama

Through this proposal, Lodestar Finance would like to request the Sperax community to add a LODE-USDs farm on Demeter


The Lodestar team has been in discussion with SperaxDAO these last weeks, and we have been invited to join the initial wave of new USDs pairs on Camelot Concentrated Liquidity, featuring a concentrated LODE-USDs pool.

We believe that this initiative is an excellent opportunity for Lodestar Finance and Sperax to foster their collaboration, deepening the LODE and USDs liquidity, increasing Demeter’s TVL while providing a revenue stream to veSPA holders.

The Lodestar Finance DAO hopes that this first initiative will lay the ground to a deeper and extended collaboration in the future between both our organizations.


Over the last few days, the Lodestar community has discussed the deployment of a LODE-USDs pair on Demeter, following the announcement of their support of Camelot CL.

The Lodestar community voted in majority to enable a LODE-USDs pair on Demeter, built on top of Camelot.

The Lodestar community has also approved the deployment of LODE incentives to veSPA holders (bribes) by the DAO’s treasury for extra SPA emissions, on top of the GRAIL/xGRAIL provided by Camelot, hence our request to add a gauge on the LODE-USDs pair

Technical Specification

Add to the Gauge the farm LODE-USDs launched on Demeter for Camelot Concentrated Liquidity


Add LODE-USDs farm to the Gauge

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